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How to Win Friends & Influence People Audiobook + Digital Book Included

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The world is better because of this book Review by Antonio
Words can not describe this book. It is by far the best book in world about dealing with people, management, and business. I listen to this book over and over and so will you it's amazing and you will be going back to this book back over and over again. BUY IT NOW ! If everyone read this book the world will be a better place.

(Posted on 4/11/2019)
Greatest Self Development Book ! Review by Arash
Two points I hope you take away from this review
1- The lessons in this book are timeless. So don't be concerned that it was written many decades ago the advice is just as relevant today.
2- Unlike other self development books this approaches life through positive techniques as opposed to controlling and manipulative tactics like other ones. The great news is that this approach is even more effective.

(Posted on 4/11/2019)
bringing light to basic human behavior Review by Connor Leon
Humans work like clock work, this book explains what makes us tic. Through great storytelling and hard evidence from personal research as well as scientific, the author gives us the insight and knowledge to break this human mold for positive gain in life.

(Posted on 4/7/2019)
A guide book for dealing with people Review by Jean
I remember back in the 1950's the seminars held by Carnegie, they were very popular. I saw the book off and on over the years and thought to myself I should read this, then I saw it on the bestbooksales and said okay now is the time. I am glad I did. Most of the book is common sense but stated in an easy acceptable manner, the examples given demonstrate each point and make it more enjoyable and understandable. The book was written in 1936 and examples of what was current events or people at the time the book was written is history today which I enjoyed. I saw in myself some bad habits I should correct to become a better listener. Overall this is a enjoyable self help book, I wished I had read it years ago. I noted most of the information is aimed at sales people, but everyone that interacts with people can benefit.

(Posted on 4/1/2019)
Pure Gold Review by Edwin
I've listened to over 30 audio books. This is the best most practical book I've ever listened to. It works and it is not manipulation--pure gold.

(Posted on 3/20/2019)
Good for some situations Review by Jesse
I went into this book with high expectations, as several people have said how much it helped them socially. I can't yet say whether it lived up to its reviews.

I think the book had a lot of good ideas. I expect I will try to use some of them, and actually already have. I especially liked the section on arguing (or not), and think national debates (not to mention local) might go a lot better if people applied the principles from this book.

It did seem to have its faults though. For one thing, it seemed kind of dated... I realize it was written in the 1930s, but it seems like human nature shouldn't have changed much since then, yet it feels like it has. For example, it's hard to imagine an owner of a large company giving you lots of his time and choosing your product over your competitors' just because you commented on something of interest to him (something that happens in about 25% of the book's examples). I recognize that this might be my limited experience though.

Also, it's pretty clear that this book is intended to help people with their business relations, rather than close personal relationships and such, though there are some points that apply to the latter. But in most of the examples, someone gets another to like them and secures a business deal or something out of it.

Though Mr. Carnegie stresses that sincerity is essential for his principles to work, it's hard, with all the examples ending in someone making out well business-wise, to keep that in mind, rather than thinking, "Okay, I just have to say what people want to hear; flatter them, pretend I'm interested in their interests, and they'll be eager to help me and do what I ask!" That's just a matter of how it's written though, I guess.

I will end by saying, again, that there are good points to be distilled out of the book, but it's not a complete and perfect guide to social interaction.

(Posted on 3/19/2019)
I should have read this years ago! Review by George Walford
If you don't need this book, then chances are you don't talk to people. You do talk to people right? This book is well worth your time, if you don't learn anything from it then you probably have people skills to rival those of Charles Schwab or Abe Lincon.

I had heard about this book for years in various circles, in fact, I was even amused when it was referenced in the game "Baldurs Gate". I knew about it, yet I never took the time to read it. Well, I have now listened to it twice, and it will certanly get a third listening. I can't believe that I got this far in life and was unaware of some of the simple people skills presented in this work. Fortunately, I have done some of them naturally, and some have developed over time as I have grown up - still, had I had this book 20 years ago my life would have been a whole lot easier.

This book is not filled with "tricks" to get people to like you, rather, it is how to develop your own character so that people like you naturally, and you like them naturally as well. No "tricks" involved, but it certanly gives you better insight into the nature of people, and I can testify that it works incredibly well.

(Posted on 3/19/2019)
Living Proof of its Sucess Review by Steve
I was given a copy of this book when I was 17 years old, by my friend "Mad Harry". In it he wrote "Call me when you are Famous". Well I am not famous, but did get to be a director of a large company in my mid 30's, and I have to say, without this book, I doubt if I would have made it. I am known for getting things done with minimum conflict. Listen to this, it is very polite and old fashioned now, but the principles of how to deal with people are every bit as valid as when this wonderful book was written.


Call me when you are famous!

(Posted on 8/22/2018)
Dad Was Right Review by Noemi G
Like most children I ignored my father's advice, given years ago, that I should read this book. At age 45 I picked it up and can see Dad was (once again) right and I was wrong. Some of these ideas will sound familiar to you because you may already practice them. Old ideas like personal integrity, connecting with people on a thoughtful and personal level, being able to admit your mistakes, being forthright, candid and authentic in your dealings and being actually interested in people and what they want (instead of just what you want!) are powerful and timeless. Read this book with an open mind, noting that it is an old book and the references are from a man's world of old - but the principles apply to all genders. I apply these concepts to my law practice every day and find they have increased my income and grown my referral network. Put this one on your shelf, it is worth the price.

(Posted on 4/15/2018)
The power of appreciation! Review by Eric
This is a great book. It will increase your people skills and teach you to appreciate and be interested in other people. I have read other people skills books and found this one to be the most authentic. I do not want to be "fake" when dealing with people and this book does not teach you to be a flattering liar like some other books I have read. It was what I was looking for to improve my people skills.

(Posted on 3/25/2018)

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