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Is vulnerability the same as weakness? “In our culture,” teaches Dr. Brené Brown, “we associate vulnerability with emotions we want to avoid such as fear, shame, and uncertainty. Yet we too often lose sight of the fact that vulnerability is also the birthplace of joy...

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Price: $4.99


Show Up and Let Yourself be Seen Is vulnerability the same as weakness? “In our culture,” teaches Dr. Brené Brown, “we associate vulnerability with emotions we want to avoid such as fear, shame, and uncertainty. Yet we too often lose sight of the fact that vulnerability is also the birthplace of joy, belonging, creativity, authenticity, and love.” On The Power of Vulnerability, Dr. Brown offers an invitation and a promise - that when we dare to drop the armor that protects us from feeling vulnerable, we open ourselves to the experiences that bring purpose and meaning to our lives. Here she dispels the cultural myth that vulnerability is weakness and reveals that it is, in truth, our most accurate measure of courage. “The Power of Vulnerability is a very personal project for me,” Brené explains. “This is the first place that all of my work comes together. This audio course draws from all three of my books - it’s the culmination of everything I’ve learned over the past twelve years. I'm very excited to weave it all into a truly comprehensive form that shows what these findings and insights can mean in our lives.” Guidance and Insights for Wholehearted Living Over the past twelve years, Dr. Brené Brown has interviewed hundreds of people as part of an ongoing study of vulnerability. “

The research shows that we try to ward disappointment with a shield of cynicism, disarm shame by numbing ourselves against joy, and circumvent grief by shutting off our willingness to love,” explains Dr. Brown. When we become aware of these patterns, she teaches, we begin to become conscious of how much we sacrifice in the name of self-defense -and how much richer our lives become when we open ourselves to vulnerability. “In my research,” Dr. Brown says, “the word I use to describe people who can live from a place of vulnerability is wholehearted.” Being wholehearted is a practice—one that we can choose to cultivate through empathy, gratitude, and awareness of our vulnerability armor. Join this engaging and heartfelt teacher on The Power of Vulnerability as she offers profound insights on leaning into the full spectrum of emotions—so we can show up, let ourselves be seen, and truly be all in.

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Customer Reviews

Entertaining! Review by Chris
We both laughed at the way Dr. Brown delivered her information, and her humor, and illustrations of what she was talking about. She was easy to understand and gave a lot of "ah HA!" moments as you listened to what the research was showing.

A few of the ideas she put out were:
1. We can only love someone else to the degree we love ourselves (then she goes on to show you how this is probably so, showing parents that the things that they are negative to in their children are actually things that they find hard to accept in themselves.

2. She illustrate that many of us have gotten to the point where we do not want to be hurt so badly, that we decide not to embrace the joy that we could in our lives; because we might hurt to lose it...and so live un-actualized lives.

3. She shows how we numb ourselves, using food, TV, internet, social networking and other ways; just as addicts use drugs or alcohol and is so frank and honest and blunt in all of her insight that you just feel washed of your own irritation at the idiots that confound our lives.

(Posted on 3/4/2022)
I Didn't Want it to End Review by Renee
Brene Brown does a masterful job of telling her personal stories to add color to the research data that is presented in this delightful audiobook. One very important feature that is often overlooked in a review of audiobooks, is the quality of the recording and the quality of the narrator's delivery. In this case, both are top-notch. I often can only listen to a few minutes of gravely or nasal voices on a recording before I rip it out of the player and toss it in the circular file or send it back for a refund. This author is a pleasure to listen to. The producers have taken the time to balance the audio tracks so that the listener does not need to adjust the volume to accomodate for the roars of laughter from the live audience or the poignant whispers from the depths of the author's soul.
The live audience is totally engaged with the author and she does a good job of letting the listener know what is happening in the room visually. She engages just as her message advocates.... she lays it out there. No glossing over uncomfortable statistics or topics and no whitewashing of our behavioral miscues are employed.

The ability to encourage people to absorb this attitude of vulnerability without sounding preachy or judgmental is truly a gift possessed by Ms. Brown.

(Posted on 3/4/2022)
Gratitude Review by Gracie
The "Power of Vulnerability" will require deep introspect of oneself. It will make you examine your present known vulnerabilities, and for me, uncover one's I was not aware of. Are you ready for that? Are you looking to improve your emotional health? If yes, consider Dr. Brown's audio learning course a life-saving-altering-for-the-good investment.

Make no mistake; putting Dr. Brown's teachings into 'play' requires tremendous effort and self-discipline. It requires personal PRACTICE, practice that we can apply to our everyday lives. For me, it may require a life time of practice. But that's okay, because the "Power of Vulnerability" gave me hope that I can re-introduce joy into my life. For those of you under professional counseling, like me, this audio learning course may even move you further along with your cognitive based therapy. I know for me it will. Personally, I feel "The Power of Vulnerability" will give me a set of keys that will unlock those previously closed emotional doors of "authenticity," "connection," and "courage."

(Posted on 3/4/2022)

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