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The 48 Laws of Power Pdf Format

The 48 Laws of Power Pdf Format

Product Review (submitted on August 6, 2017):
I'm the type who, "buys me now, reads me later..." type of book buyer. I first tried to read Robert Greene's book some time back, I couldn't get into it. So I put it to the side for the time being....

A) In 2012 I began reading "Sun Tzu For Success" by Gerald Michaelson and Steven Michaelson. As a result my eyes were opened to the possibilities in how to see the big picture in the success planning. As well as how thinking in proactive mode can produce stronger results than reaction thinking like most of us would do.
B) So when I finally read "48 Laws", it was like life-lessons reading in how to get along with people. Or how immature people will behave toward you. Which I never understood since most of us know about morals, ethics and family-values in our civilized society of the 21st century.
C) The biggest chapter for me was Law#24; "Play the Perfect Courtier". It's how to play internal politics either at work or in social groups. Wow!, what an eye opener.
D) Or how about Law#46: "Never Appear Too Perfect". Your efforts to be ambitious, successful or even just plain charming can create envy and people hating you for no reason but for you being at your best.
E) Another is Law#18:"Do Not Build Fortresses to Protect Yourself-Isolation is Dangerous" It's what happens when you are work alone and cut yourself off. You lose "being out of the loop" from very important information to dominate from.
F) Even if you are a person of high character and a good person. Your friends and working peers won't always see the world the way you do. So protect yourself from these bad people.

So now I'm reading "The New Boss" by Peter Fischer. "How To Survive the First 100 Days" whether starting a new job or new to a group. I'm using "48 Laws" like a reference book for when I observe a behavior and ask why are they?... Combined I stand a better chance to not just survive but thrive in my ever changing environments!


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