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Dare to Lead (MP3)  + (eBook)

Dare to Lead (MP3) + (eBook)

Product Review (submitted on July 2, 2019):
Brené Brown struck a chord with me. That she reads her own book was not a choice. It is a must for this book.

Because what this book is about and what makes it so valuable is that Brené is out there. Daring to lead. In a clear way. And—one of my insights: »clear is kind«. (l tend to zigzag to comfort people to a degree that is not serving my very purpose.)

Just one other principle that stuck out to me: she provides a long list of values and argues that it worth picking just one to two key values and think about how the others are derived from these. And she is right. (Another insight: I was perplexed how conservative my two key results sounded at first. However, me living into these two derive and shape all the others of my values, those which sound far less conservative.)

All these insights do not come in a theoretical framework but by actionable information and story telling.

Hence I'm sure, you will learn a lot about yourself by reading or listening to this book—among other things how to dare to lead.

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