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Fear Trump in the White House Audiobook *Unabridged

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political horror story Review by Barbara1212
I struggled with this book. I'm not a supporter of Trump but I am a Republican. I would love to discount this book but that would be next to impossible.

(Posted on 1/3/2019)
Extremely Depressing.. Review by Sena
This was a well written book. I read Fire and Fury also it seems familiar the story being told. I encourage the people who love the president to read this book and to take a moment to think about the actions of the president. This is not how the president of the greatest country is suppose to behave.

You are not going to learn anything new in the book you don't already know. Bob Woodward just wrote it better. It reiterate that the president is pathological liar and why voting is important.

He is impulsive, has a massive ego, vindictive etc. I am really appalled that on this day September 11, when we ought to honor what happen, the first tweet from the president was to attack the FBI, DOJ and Hillary Clinton. And why the heck is Rob Potter who did not have a clearance tasked with giving highly classified information to the president. Just why..

Please, regardless of your political believes, take a minute to think for yourself. Turn off the tv, turn off the radio, look up the actions of our founding fathers who fought for us. Read about Abraham Lincoln etc. If those men had acted like what our current president is doing, what would have become of America? The great America. Think, think, think.

And for congress, grow a pair... Don't be complacent. Challenge him when he is wrong. You want to be at the right side of history.

Lastly, I am curious to know why this book was released on September 11th. Why today? I am yet to figure it out.

orange ct (Posted on 12/6/2018)
Not Great Review by Keith Berry
Nothing here you don't already know if you follow the news. Kinda diaapponting to be honest.

Keith Berry
CHICAGO, IL, United States (Posted on 12/5/2018)

3 Item(s)

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