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"Read it twice" Review by Heitor
And I am going for a third one, now taking notes and putting in practice everything! (Posted on 8/28/2017)
"Very informative!" Review by Deb G
Mostly reviews for this book have been VERY positive, as mine will be. There are a couple of folks who have said it's just a scam, one big advertisement for other products he sells.

Well, having listened to this, and having purchased the eBook to have the option to skip to specific parts as needed, I can say that what Jeff Walker provides in this book is the whole package.

I have no doubt that if one were to purchase other materials from him, one would get even more information, but I did not get the impression he was holding back with just enough to tantalize one to spend more money on other products.

(And I'll mention, that anyone in business who doesn't do cross selling is dumb. I for one am happy to hear about other products from a business that interests me.)

I can say that I have made a good living being in business for myself (two products and one service) most of my adult life. I'm an avid reader and a self-learner.

The How To and Self Development books I've read though the years number in the hundreds. This book is up there in my top 10, maybe 5.

I am creating my first online product business, which being as cautious as I am, I've invested a tremendous amount research. This book has given me a solid plan that I feel confident about. I am about to put what I've learned into action. I'm so satisfied with Jeff's knowledge, experience, and the amount of information (he definitely over delivers), that I will, after my first few launches, purchase more from him, but this info is plenty to get me started on the right path. (Posted on 8/14/2017)
"Good but clearly meant to sell me more" Review by Jorge
The book is good and motivating. Although there is only one chapter dedicated to the actual mechanics of launching a new product. The rest of the chapters are meant for variations of this only piece of information. What stroke me is the continuous pushy pushy -this works and in my seminars we do more/ we go deeper in my seminars and works/ this guy did it who went to my seminars- he had a wonderful opportunity to fill space with concrete examples. Instead of that, most examples are: "this guy I know".. very far from a case study you could learn from: "this guy I know did it, and sold 400.000 on his first launch. Trust me it works" (Posted on 8/13/2017)
Unlike most this book lays it out in specifics Review by Seth Elliott
I'm a professional executive and marketer. Much of what Jeff lYs out resonates very strongly. I'm particularly pleased that he lays out a workable specific tactical plan. I haven't yet implemented this as set forth by Jeff but certainly will do so. One area of possible weakness - perhaps it's just the skeptic in me - is the strength of this program without a strong list in hand. Jeff does note is - I think perhaps strategies around this might be a bit stronger. Nonetheless well worth the spend if you want to take action. (Posted on 8/6/2017)
Great insights into launching products and services, both online and off. Review by Mike L Murphy
I've invested in Jeff's online training program, Product Launch Formula. It's a great resource and inspired me to become an entrepreneur.

I was a little skeptical to buy this book, because most marketers sell their sales letter as a book. You pay for the book and realize it's all a scheme to get you to buy the author's products and services. These types of books are thin on content.

Jeff has taken the opposite approach.

He wrote a dense book that never mentions his higher priced program. He really lays down how to do a launch and provides enough case studies and 'how-to' to make this book a no-brainer if you're a marketer. Within internet marketing circles Jeff is a legend and known for being honest and providing value.

(Posted on 3/30/2017)

5 Item(s)

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