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"How Books on Business Should Be Done" Review by H. Baker
Michael Hyatt's "Platform", offers a significant amount of practical advice and step-by-step processes. Unlike many of his peers, there is very little "fluff" in this book and its contents could not be so easily summarized in a pamphlet. I work as a marketing director for a company as well as developing my own side businesses of graphic design and photography. I expected useful information for my personal projects but was surprised by how much of the information was relevant to my full time job as well. If the thought of building your brand via web-based means makes you weak in the knees; i highly recommend this book. (Posted on 8/28/2017)
Great, Concise Introductory Guide to Internet Marketing For Small Businesses, Start-Ups and Nonprofits Review by Sarah S.
Michael Hyatt’s book, Platform: Getting Yourself Noticed in a Noisy World was a very interesting book that I greatly enjoyed reading and learning from. I read Michael’s book as a part of an emerging media ministry course I took through City Vision University. The book reminded me of useful web analytics and social media tools as well as informing me about other tools that I wasn’t aware of. I enjoy writing and have started a blog a few years ago and after reading Michael’s book I felt equipped and inspired to look into blogging again. Michael emphasizes that no matter what platforms you utilize in your internet marketing strategy, it won’t yield any results if the content isn’t interesting, beneficial or helpful to the readers. Starting a blog or adding one to an organization’s website is an excellent way to make the organization’s voice stand out online according to the book. Hyatt lays out an unintimidating blogging strategy for those who are hesitant about blogging by guiding them along the process of starting a blog, tips on what to write about and best blogging practices. Platform is a must read whether the reader is a seasoned internet marketer or is someone completely new to internet marketing. Hyatt’s book clearly describes and instructs the readers into carrying out an effective internet marketing strategy that fits with their unique business goals. Platform covers a variety of strategies including how to set up Twitter and Facebook accounts, setting up a blog and how to capture and upload videos onto one’s website. Platform is a must read for anyone looking to better their internet marketing strategy and gain more supporters, clients or customers. Traditional marketing techniques no longer apply in today’s marketplace. People are turning to the Internet for their shopping experience. Though the book may be geared to start-ups and small business, there are things internet marketers in large organizations as well as those in nonprofit organizations can walk away with that will greatly help their marketing efforts and boost their bottom lines. Michael uses examples from his own company about what he has done and what has worked and what hasn’t. It was really helpful to see what the book talked out put into action and utilized. The chapters are all very short so the reader isn’t overwhelmed with too much information at one time and the brief chapters are also great for professionals on the go who don’t have much down time. I highly recommend this book for anyone in the internet marketing field or those who are interested in entering the internet marketing field. (Posted on 8/6/2017)
A few critiques, but overall, a solid book Review by By Brian A.
While I've been a fan and follower of Michael Hyatt's blog for a long time, I did not receive a free copy of Platform. I confess, as much as I like his blog, I wasn't going to buy the book for two reasons:

1. Prior to the launch of Platform, he mentioned that much of the content was reworked material from old blog posts (which I assumed I had read previously).
2. Since I teach others how to start their own blog, I am already up to my eyeballs in information of this sort.

Therefore, I thought I would hold off and wait until I could get a copy at the library.

Incidentally, I bought the book the day it launched, swayed by all the 5-star reviews, enticed by the freebies he offered during launch week and intrigued by his launch process, which I wanted to watch firsthand (you just never know when that information will come in handy, you know). ;)

I have read the book in full.

Here are some of my thoughts, in no particular order:

-- Overall, his tone is very encouraging and inspiring. I've read other how-to books in which the author seems arrogant and condescending, leaving me feeling discouraged and inept by the end. That was not the case here. By the end, I was rearin' to go!

-- He makes a strong case for learning the ins and outs of social media as a way to grow your business, even if you don't have a lot of computer background or if you feel technically challenged. I am also self-taught so I wholeheartedly agree. As he says, the best way to learn, is to dive in and go for it.

-- He talks about the importance of having a blog (or website) which acts as your home base online. I wholeheartedly agree with this point as well. However, like so many others, he doesn't go into great detail about exactly *how* to start a blog other than to offer tips such as "I recommend a blog." On the other hand, he goes into great detail about starting a Twitter account and he devotes several chapters to using Twitter effectively (see below).

-- When looking at his numbers, I do think it's worthwhile to note that even though Hyatt started his blogging and social media journey like many of us (with little background knowledge), he has had significant advantages that I think have helped his online presence grow so well. He is graced with connections to well-known and very influential people (great for interviews, endorsements, etc). It also doesn't hurt to be the Chairman (formerly the CEO) of one of the largest publishing companies in the U.S. :) To be sure, this is well-deserved and his experience is vast. Clearly, he has worked very hard for many years to build a huge network of excellent contacts. He definitely makes no guarantees that if you use his tips, you will reproduce his results, but I do think it is helpful to look at those results with his background in mind. I appreciated seeing his hard numbers (great transparency), but even though my numbers don't come close to his (and I've been at this for years too), I need to look for upward trends, not specific numerical benchmarks, which would indicate growth.

-- It is true, much of the book content is reworked posts that you can find for free on his blog. I found myself thinking many times, "Oh yeah, I remember reading this..." Because I bought the book for $13 and because I got all the freebies along with it, I would gladly pay the same for it again. However, had I bought the book at full price ($24) and didn't get the freebies, I think I would have been disappointed. If you're not already familiar with his blog and don't feel like poking around there to see what he has written in the past, it's probably definitely worth having all that great info packaged so nicely.

-- He offers a lot of tips for Twitter but doesn't talk about Facebook, Google+ or any other social media platform (except to mention he's not a huge fan of Facebook). Clearly this is because he has had the most success on Twitter which is understandable. But to those reading, I do think it's important to know who your audience is before assuming Twitter is the place to be. His target audience might be on Twitter, but if your target audience hangs out on Facebook or Pinterest more than Twitter, you should be on Facebook and Pinterest, not Twitter.

-- True to Michael Hyatt style, the book is absolutely jam-packed with helpful, actionable tips that will help anyone who wants to become active and effective in social media.

I think the challenge for the beginner will be to not get overwhelmed. There is certainly a lot of excellent information, but if you try to take it all in at once, you'll want to run for the hills! Tackle it in small chunks and implement his tips as you have the time. Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. It really does take a long time to get established and start seeing results.

I can't remember if he said it explicitly in the book, but I would also add that ideally, you will dive into social media *before* you have something specific to say or sell, not *when* you have something to say or sell. Hyatt's right, it's all about relationships these days, so the sooner you can get those relationships started, the better. Then, when you do have something to say or sell, you can tap into what you've already established.

Overall, it's a great reference that I'm sure I'll be returning to again and again. (Posted on 5/13/2017)
Stand Out Review by Michelle Discavage
Excellent book and great tool for helping stand out in a world overflowing with voices. Read, apply, grow. This is a must have for business builders, bloggers, and everyone in between. (Posted on 4/25/2017)
Blueprint for Social Media Success! Review by JFW
If you have a product, idea or cause to promote, according to Michael Hyatt, the author of Platform, the first thing you need to do is get yourself noticed, which is not an easy task in todays complicated and busy world.

Through his book Platform, Hyatt provides his readers with the road map to guide them to success by elevating their online presence using his years of personal experience in the social media and blogging arena.

Building from the foundation of offering a product that contains value, and expanding your vision of how far your product or message can take you, Hyatt creates confidence in the reader through his breakdown of every step of the process. Platform reads like a how-to manual that could be followed by the least-likely-to-be-social-media-savvy of us all.

No matter what your level of social media knowledge, there is something to learn in every section of this book which can be read by individual chapter as it applies to your situation or from cover to cover to get the big picture.

Every aspect of this book has a measure of timelessness because it is not just a book about social media marketing, it is a book about creating a place where anyone’s voice can be heard and where others can connect to that voice and join the conversation. It is participating in the ultimate form of electronic communication made available through the venues of social media where anyone can influence a shift in the belief system of any given product or cause.

Hyatt has given us the handbook to nearly eradicate the necessity for traditional marketing strategies that once were the only known path to business success. Through gathering a “tribe” of followers with like ideas and goals, the author guides the reader on how to maintain that connection with them, creating conversations that will gather more to the tribe and increasing the influence that they have obtained through their social media presence. By building a company brand, the reader engages with his tribe and creates recognition across all forms of social media. Using websites, blogs, Facebook, and twitter, the reader learns to strategically post content that will garner more followers and create more buzz about their brand.

Platform is an invaluable tool for anyone with a message to promote – from a new business to a new ministry, herein lies the blueprint to successful marketing utilizing social media.

I would highly recommend this book to read and listen to if you are in pursuit of being heard in today’s noisy world. (Posted on 4/17/2017)
Platfrom: Get Noticed in a Noisy World Review by Sandra Thompson
I am personally learning from this man’s great experience and will use this book “Platform” as a reference tool over and over as I set up and maintain my online media ministry. He offers systematic instructions on how to build your platform from start to finish. Michael Hyatt’s book is informative and easy to follow and goes beyond providing tools for creating your platform. He teaches the benefits of carefully building and nurturing their platform. I found myself continually taking notes and going over things I would have normally over looked. I am creating a compelling platform, one that I personally use that is solving problems in ways I did not expect. Chapters in this book or short and to the point, making his methods for setting up social media easy. Using his strategies my influence on my platform is already increasing. He teaches us to exceed peoples’ expectations in delivering our content or product and he talks about starting with “wow” loving what you do and being passionate about it. Are you delighted about the product and does it exceed your readers’ expectations? I recommend this book to anyone using Facebook, Twitter, Blogger or WordPress or any social media tool. Michael Hyatt’s - Platform made setting up my own platform worth it! Thank you, Michael Hyatt! I am looking forward to participating in your Platform University discussion groups (Posted on 3/23/2017)
starsI use it so much, I may need a second copy! Review by Marie Biancuzzo
Through this book, Michael Hyatt single-handedly changed my views about social media.

Hyatt's depth of knowledge, his practical tips, and examples that resulted in his own success make his message compelling. Yet, he never talks down to the reader. I had never heard of Michael Hyatt until I got his book. I was just looking for a way to believe that social media was worth my while, and a way to get some "science" for how to use it. Hyatt's book provides all of that, and more.

For those critics who note that Hyatt lifted some of his blogs to create the book, I'd say: Right! As experience authors, we ALL snitch stuff from our stash! But the original blog is amplified, updated, polished, and organized into context for the book. I might add that I've read some parts of the book more than once; not because the content is hard to understand, but because it takes much practice to fully implement what he's suggesting.

Honestly, I went from thinking that social media was just a bunch of dribble to believing that social media is the key to getting your message out there if you have anything--anything at all--to say or sell.

I handle all of my books very, very gently. But I've just plain over-used this book. And, I am beginning to want one copy at home, and one at the office! (Posted on 3/23/2017)
Get on the platform and dive right in! Review by John Richardson
As a long time blogger I've been frustrated over the years with the growing complexity of getting my message out. It used to be I only had to worry about my blog. Now with the advent of social media, I need to communicate over many different channels. That's where Michael's book comes in. Platform: Get Noticed In a Noisy World, takes Michael's extensive knowledge of blogging, business building, and social media and combines it into one amazing reference edition. This is a book that should be required reading for entrepreneurs, small business people, writers, speakers, and anyone who is building an online presence.

The information is well organized and takes you through, step by step, into the process of building a platform from the ground up. The book is divided into five important sections...

1. Start with WOW
2. Prepare to Launch
3. Build Your Home Base
4. Expand Your Reach
5. Engage Your Tribe

As you start the book, you'll find yourself taking notes through each chapter. There is so much good information, you may find yourself stopping and implementing as you go along. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to expand their business or start one from the ground up! (Posted on 3/20/2017)

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