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The God Delusion (PDF, ePUB, Kindle)

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Intellectual masterpiece. Review by Roger Zitrick
Dawkins is a brilliant individual and has an array of first class science books. Must read for anyone who appreciates science. (Posted on 8/6/2017)
You will love it or hate it depending on where you are ... Review by Finicky Fred
What an eye-opening read. Puts reasons, logic, and rationality to everything I have ever thought about god(s) and religion. Now I can speak more clearly and confidently on the subject. You will love it or hate it depending on where you are coming from. I loved it. (Posted on 5/13/2017)
DAWKINS TESTS GOD Review by Robert Williams
Dawkin's book, The God Delusion, is one of the most controversial books ever written. Dawkins is a British evolutionary biologist and the author of many other volumes on related topics.

In 10 chapters and 374 pages, he lays out his arguments for the non existance of God. Most of his arguments present the statistical improbability that such a diety exists. He lists some of the Gods who throughout history whom men have believed in: Zeus, Appolo, Amon Ra, Mithras, Baal, Thor, and Wotan among many others. Each society had very specific beliefs as to who God was and what he could do. Dawkins then explains that their existance could no more be proven than one could prove that between Earth and Mars, a china teapot was revolving about the sun in an elliptical orbit.

Dawkins then dismisses the Gospels as fiction. On p.97 he states that "The only difference between the Da Vinci Code and the Gospels is that the Gospels are ancient fiction while The Da Vinci Code is modern fiction." He believes that the God of Abraham is not a very good and benevolent God. On P.108 he says, "Simply postulate a nasty God- such as the one who stalks every page of The Old Testament." Similarly, God took a rather dim view of humanity when he saved Noah, while drowning everyone esle in cluding most of the innocent animals. Slavery too, was taken for granted in the Old Testament.

Dawkins believes that natural selectionis responsible for all the diversity of life on earth and needs no "great creator" for all of this to happen. On P.121 He states that natural selection is a better alternative to intelligent design.

On p.153 Dawkins says that " a God capable of creating a universe, or anything else, would have to be complex and statistically imposible."

Dawkins believes that religion is an evolutionary trait that allows us to live more safely. P.174, A child is taught to unquestionably obey a parent or tribal elder if that child is young an incapable of understanding danger, ie. 'stay away from that river full of crocodiles.' Thus the child learns how to avoid danger, and accept tribal religion in the same unquestioning manner.

Dawkins discusses the cargo cults, wherein the South Pacific during WW 2, in the Solomon and New Hebrides islands, the islanders believed that American airmen in planes filled with cargo were Gods who brought cargo and that a "Messiah" would one day come and bring them more cargo. P.203 Many of these cargo cults developed independently, over a wide geographal area, indicating that it was not just a one time fluke event. They had invented a false God.

Dawkins believes that religious fundamentalists, of all faiths, are a danger in the world. Their intorerence is too extreme, as evidenced by the Taliban and the newly coined American Taliban", evangelists. P.248 "that people today should base their lives on such an appalling role model as Yahweh- and, even worse that they should bossily try to force the same evil monster (whether fact or fiction) on the rest of us".

In his book, Dawkins makes a good case for the non existance of God and points out the falsities and arrogance of organized religion. Much of the war and other evils have been brought upon us by leaders who would have us believe that God wills it so. I enjoyed reading this book as well as some of Dawkin's other works, such as The Greatest Show on Earth. Whether there is a god or not, will depend upon the reader and his own personal ability to let go of fiction and accept fact. (Posted on 4/25/2017)
Where the road diverges... Review by L. A. Veronie II
Did the road of Agnosticism lead me here? Being a confirmed fence sitter for most of my life, Dawkins may have given me the reason (or more of them) to test the tenets of Atheism. His arguments and beliefs are well-ordered and prepared--from cosmology and biology, to humanities and literature. The basic premise he espouses is to merely THINK...a task unsuited for MANY people. Having read my share of the religious argument-both pro and con-I found the God Delusion MOST compelling and persuasive. Be prepared to be both enlightened AND entertained! (Posted on 4/14/2017)

4 Item(s)

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