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Dare to Lead (MP3)  + (eBook)

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Dare to Lead (MP3) + (eBook)

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By: Brené Brown
Narrated by: Brené Brown
Length: 8 hrs and 10 mins

Brené Brown has taught us what it means to dare greatly, rise strong, and brave the wilderness. Now, based on new research conducted with leaders, change makers, and culture shifters, she’s showing us how to put those ideas into practice so we can step up and lead.

Leadership is not about titles, status, and power over people. Leaders are people who hold themselves accountable for recognizing the potential in people and ideas and developing that potential. This is a book for everyone who is ready to choose courage over comfort, make a difference, and lead. 

When we dare to lead, we don’t pretend to have the right answers; we stay curious and ask the right questions. We don’t see power as finite and hoard it; we know that power becomes infinite when we share it and work to align authority and accountability. We don’t avoid difficult conversations and situations; we lean into the vulnerability that’s necessary to do good work. 

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Price: $5.99


Number-one NEW YORK TIMES best seller

Brené Brown has taught us what it means to dare greatly, rise strong, and brave the wilderness. Now, based on new research conducted with leaders, change makers, and culture shifters, she’s showing us how to put those ideas into practice so we can step up and lead.

Leadership is not about titles, status, and power over people. Leaders are people who hold themselves accountable for recognizing the potential in people and ideas and developing that potential. This is a book for everyone who is ready to choose courage over comfort, make a difference, and lead. 

When we dare to lead, we don’t pretend to have the right answers; we stay curious and ask the right questions. We don’t see power as finite and hoard it; we know that power becomes infinite when we share it and work to align authority and accountability. We don’t avoid difficult conversations and situations; we lean into the vulnerability that’s necessary to do good work. 

But daring leadership in a culture that’s defined by scarcity, fear, and uncertainty requires building courage skills, which are uniquely human. The irony is that we’re choosing not to invest in developing the hearts and minds of leaders at the same time we’re scrambling to figure out what we have to offer that machines can’t do better and faster. What can we do better? Empathy, connection, and courage to start. 

Brené Brown spent the past two decades researching the emotions that give meaning to our lives. Over the past seven years, she found that leaders in organizations ranging from small entrepreneurial startups and family-owned businesses to nonprofits, civic organizations, and Fortune 50 companies, are asking the same questions: 

How do you cultivate braver, more daring leaders? And, how do you embed the value of courage in your culture?

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Customer Reviews

100%NOT what I wanted, 1000% EVERYTHING I NEEDED! Review by Luke
Absolutely makes BEST of leaders. Also, SAVED MY MARRIAGE from brink of divorce in 3hrs!

(Posted on 10/3/2021)
Great Content Review by Jill Nelson
I’ve tried to read/listen to her other books in the past, but don’t really love her writing style and gave up (perhaps it's the English major in me?). But we’re planning on reading this as a staff at some point, so I was committed and thought a head start might be good. Being committed made a big difference. I still feel the same about her style but LOVED and was greatly impacted by all of her content. I only managed to take a few notes as I listened, so I look forward to going back through the hard copy for work. If you’re in a leadership position, key player on a team, or want to grow a healthier team environment- I highly recommend this.

(Posted on 10/20/2019)
daring Review by Eric
this book will afford you the opportunity and the tools to master emotions you neglect.

(Posted on 10/20/2019)
Made me want to buy the book. Review by Jeff Hough
This was a great listen. Especially getting to have the author read it made it all that much more enjoyable. I liked the content of the book enough that I wanted to go buy a hard copy so I can read it again and highlight and make notes.

As an executive coach, there are lots of actionable items in here that could be put into practice immediately. As a human being there were also lots of actionable items that I could put into place to improve the relationships with in my family and friends.

(Posted on 7/2/2019)
Actionable insights Review by Markus A. Dahlem
Brené Brown struck a chord with me. That she reads her own book was not a choice. It is a must for this book.

Because what this book is about and what makes it so valuable is that Brené is out there. Daring to lead. In a clear way. And—one of my insights: »clear is kind«. (l tend to zigzag to comfort people to a degree that is not serving my very purpose.)

Just one other principle that stuck out to me: she provides a long list of values and argues that it worth picking just one to two key values and think about how the others are derived from these. And she is right. (Another insight: I was perplexed how conservative my two key results sounded at first. However, me living into these two derive and shape all the others of my values, those which sound far less conservative.)

All these insights do not come in a theoretical framework but by actionable information and story telling.

Hence I'm sure, you will learn a lot about yourself by reading or listening to this book—among other things how to dare to lead.

(Posted on 7/2/2019)
Phenomenal. Review by Tanner Phillips
Really original, new content, that isn't avaliable in every other self help book out there. A new, and important way to think about leadership, and personal growth. Brene is genuine, honest, and vulnerable. I absolutely love all of her work!

(Posted on 5/19/2019)
Wait..I don't want this book to end! Review by Colleen Moon Sorensen
I love all of Brene's work, yet this one is truly a masterpiece in my opinion. Brene does such a brilliant job of breaking down behaviors and emotions into tangible talking points that makes it so easy for someone like me to immediately implement what she is saying into my life. I especially enjoyed the section on values and how they show up in our lives. Values underpin every decision we make, so of course they need to be understood and reckoned with. Brene shows us how her values show up in her life in good ways and in not so good ways. She also teaches us how to rumble with our stories and how to come out the other side with stronger more viable relationships -- such good stuff! I plan to read and reread this book often until I can full incorporate it's teachings into my leadership roles in life. I was truly sad on my commute this morning when Brene's voice wrapped up the book -- I did not want it to end!

(Posted on 5/19/2019)
great tools for a great life! Review by shane
the essence of being a great human! amazing stuff about being a better person all the way around! I will listen to this untill it sets in! crying and lonely for all the right reasons and this book confirms it!

(Posted on 4/9/2019)
Brené Brown’s work is so necessary today! Review by Priscilla Carolyn
With every new book this author writes, I am inspired and renewed to keep living a brave and daring life. Dare to Lead is a great culmination of all of her previous work and can be applied in your personal life as well as professional. Just the language alone has helped me tremendously and I appreciate how the author caters to the listener of audiobooks and has download-able PDFs available on her website if you want to further study and apply the wisdom shared in it.

(Posted on 3/22/2019)
Classic Brené Brown for the professional in us Review by cliffclof
She does it again and this time focusing on those professional fears we have every day. This book will most likely help you see things in a different and better way. She does a great job adding a couple personal notes that aren’t in the book. It’s not in addition, just clearly guiding focus on what would be easier to read on paper. Overall I recommend this to anyone in any walk of life, especially those in school or work. If the word perfect is in your vocabulary, this book is for you.

(Posted on 3/22/2019)
amazing Review by Rox
love brene brown, her insight into shame and vulnerability is really moving. loved the way she applied these concepts to becoming a great leader no matter the circumstances. love her and would definitely recommend this.

(Posted on 3/20/2019)
The Best of Brene Review by lisa
Yes, you've heard parts of this book before, but it's here in a new context. Easy listen, and the best of who Brene is shines through. I bought the paper copy after finishing the audiobook and plan on both reading and listening again. The Ham Folderver Debacle alone is worth twice the price of the book.

(Posted on 3/20/2019)
Bitter Truth of Challenge and Success. Review by danny
opens your eyes to what has to be sacrificed and what your willing to sacrifice for success.

(Posted on 2/17/2019)
Exceptional book on leadership! Review by Christa Downey
This is the most heartfelt and practical book on leadership I've encountered. It's worth a second listen and then a third. There are pieces you can apply today whether you are currently in a leadership role or simply want to show up as your most authentic self in all aspects of life.

(Posted on 2/17/2019)
Brené's Work Has Changed My Life Review by Maximus
As noted in the heading of this review, Brené Brown's work has literally been life-changing for me. Years ago, my wife was reading "Daring Greatly" and as we were working through some life challenges at the time, she said, "I really think you need to read this book." When she confessed that the author was somebody who researched shame and vulnerability, I was like, "No thanks." I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that I did not need to read about shame and vulnerability.

After much coaxing, my wife convinced me to begin reading. As I read "Daring Greatly," I honestly couldn't put it down. I quickly ordered "The Gifts of Imperfection" and read through it the following week. I then went back and read it again, s-l-o-w-l-y. I wanted to absorb some of the principles and practices she communicated, reflect on them, and begin putting some of them into practice myself.

As her other books came out, I read through them as well. While I wasn't as drawn to "Rising Strong" or "Braving the Wilderness" as I was to the other two, they still provided me with insights that I have come to really hold onto. Having read, and reread all of her work, I recently had a colleague who came to me and said, "You've really changed a lot over the past few years. What steps have you taken to grow so much?" My answer - "Books by Brené Brown and others ("Emotionally Healthy Spirituality" and "Emotionally Healthy Leadership" by the Scazzero's) have been a Godsend."

With Dare to Lead, Brené takes on work-culture. While many of the same principles have been communicated in her other work, I was thrilled to find some of the best material all compiled together in one book. The material available on the Dare to Lead hub on Brené website made it even better. The workbook and other printouts show that her team doesn't just want to get the information out there, they want to get it out there AND see it put into practice. And for good reason - it needs to be put into practice.

If you haven't read anything by Brené Brown, this is an excellent start. It's a good summary of some of her former work, and her own narration of the book is exceptional.

If you're looking for something outside of work culture, then listen to "The Power of Vulnerability". It's 6, roughly 1-hour sessions that walk through most of the principles she wrote out in "The Gifts of Imperfection." And it's gold.

Of the many, many non-fiction books I've read over the past 20 years of my life, Brené's books are seriously at the top of my list. She's done very important research on topics nobody else wants to talk about and the results give us input as to why we need to be talking about these things.

Seriously, if you're still reading this, pick up Dare to Lead (or Power of Vulnerability) asap. Listen to it more than once. Take notes. Challenge yourself. Put some new skills into practice. It'll change how you see yourself, and how you see the best way possible.

(Posted on 2/11/2019)
Solid read! Review by Jennifer
Great book and a good listen. The author does a great job of relaying data and research in a digestible and story-like format. You will laugh together and may even cry together. Highly recommended for anyone, of any level, who is responsible for leading others, personally or professionally.

(Posted on 1/25/2019)
I have this book on repeat! Review by CJM
Just like a favorite music album, I have this audiobook playing on repeat. It's clear that Brene and her team don't just publish these ideas, they practice them. I'm grateful for their hard work and for sharing their findings!

(Posted on 1/10/2019)
Awesome Review by MollyMom17
Exceptional book on leadership that’s relevant in any environment (home leadership, work, religious, friends etc). It includes tools and resources to practice skills mentioned. And I love Brene.

(Posted on 1/10/2019)
WOW!!!! Review by Michelle R Harris
I believe Brene Brown is a fly on the wall of my life. I related to almost everything she wrote in this book!! I am having an critical awakening following reading Dare to Lead!!!!! I am so grateful that my therapist recommended this read.

(Posted on 1/10/2019)
Produce effective leaders and organizations Review by J. Shouse
Insightful guide addressing human behavior and interaction such as communication, trust, integrity, feeling and openness. Provides for deeper understanding and appreciation of ourselves and of others. Regardless of current leadership involvement, all can benefit from this.

(Posted on 1/3/2019)
love it Review by Shela Mobarak
the book was raw, loved the honesty. it is my first book by Brene' but wint be my last!

(Posted on 12/9/2018)
A must have for any leader Review by Nikole
Any leader of any type will benefit from this book! Excellent execution by the author as well.

(Posted on 12/9/2018)
another great Brene Brown book Review by P. Leilani Berry
Some repetition with her other books but also some excellent new insights. I find her books to be very grounding bringing me back to what my values are helping me be my best me.

(Posted on 11/12/2018)
Brené for President Review by Eric Tivers
I feel like this is the book that all entrepreneurs, business leaders, and politicians should read or listen to. I will definitely be listening to this again. There are so many good things in here.

Thank you Brené for being such a wonderful teacher and story teller.

(Posted on 11/8/2018)
Listen over and over Review by Sheila Wiley
Brene brings straight hard answers to how to live aware. I am so very grateful for her work and that she brings these audiobooks to us herself.

(Posted on 11/8/2018)
Another insightful and amazing book Review by Liana MerKitty
I need to buy the physical book to underline and take note all of her important points. Another incredible book that has shaped and changed my mind.

(Posted on 11/8/2018)
Familiar Content Necessarily Reformatted Review by Chris
If you've read at least two of Brené Brown's books, then you may balk at some of the material – at first. You've come across this finding or that analysis in "The Gifts of Imperfection," "Daring Greatly," "Rising Strong," or "Braving the Wilderness." You may be tempted to dwell on your reaction, especially in our current TL;DR culture. But don't dismiss "Dare to Lead" on this impulse.

Early on, she acknowledges that "Dare to Lead" includes findings from her other books. She explains that the idea for "Dare to Lead" rose from feedback given by various leaders who wanted an accessible resource dedicated to leadership. And the book accomplishes this with relevant case studies, timely examples, and helpful side-by-side breakdowns of leadership roadblocks and their antidotes.

Wisdom is not cultivated overnight; neither are self-acceptance and acceptance of others. The latter dynamic of acceptance of both self and others is what underpins much of what Ms. Brown's research. While it's understandable that many of us who've come across her work may hear echoes or overlaps, it's valuable to revisit what (you think) you know about her research in a new light. After all, it takes repeated exposure of any one thing so we can see from a 360º view, much less heady topics like shame and empathy.

In "Dare to Lead," we receive the tools to recognize empowering (professional) leadership and the language to discuss it. You don't have to be in a conventional position of leadership to benefit from this. In fact, it's even more helpful for those of us who are not currently leading a team or organization, or don't have the intention to do so, because we have a bit more distance to see existing toxicity and dysfunction promoted by those at the top. A great team is the sum of everyone and a great leader is actually in service of this sum. "Dare to Lead" is a must-read, or a must-hear in this case, for all professionals.

On performance, it doesn't get any better than Brené Brown. She is masterful in bringing life to her words, a captivating storyteller through and through.

(Posted on 11/8/2018)
If you have read her other books you have read it Review by Kelly
Same content as all her other books. It would be nice for her to write with new content and new examples.

(Posted on 10/31/2018)
VERY fulfilling and resonant audiobook Review by BestBookSales Customer
Loved hearing Brené’s authentic voice in this audiobook reading. She is a powerful writer and down-to-earth speaker. Highly recommend for anyone with a long commute to and from work, as you will get a chance to reflect on and put into practice the skills and exercises in this book in a way that will directly impact your experience at work!

(Posted on 10/29/2018)
Worth the read Review by T. Groth
Even if you have read her other books, this book is worth a read or listen. Yes, there is some repetition but it’s stuff most of us could use review on. And if you are in a leadership position, the stories and leadership specific context will be especially helpful.

I especially appreciate the audio as Brene is able to not only read with the enthusiasm and talent she shows in her public speaking, but also edits appropriately for audio in certain areas. Also I appreciate that a workbook and other resources are available on her website for items better in print, so while I still my buy the book in print at some point, I do not need to simply to use these items.

(Posted on 10/25/2018)

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